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Cintar Connection - Issue 2 - Arc Flash

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Issue 2 – Arc Flash

Arc Flash Safety Codes Update and Clarify the Labeling
Requirements for Energized Electrical Equipment
Cintar Connection – Issue 2

In this edition of Cintar Connection we take a look at arc flash labeling. The NFPA 70E labeling requirements were updated in 2015, and with this update came some clarifications on the types of equipment that require labeling and changes to the information required on labels.

Along with the labeling, NFPA 70E 2015 requires training/retraining every 3 years. At Cintar, we emphasize the importance of understanding the methodology behind how equipment is labeled in order to keep personnel safe around energized equipment. We work with facility Owners to create, update and train based on each site’s specific hazards and risks.

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